Public engagement group

Patient and Public Involvement (PPI)

Patient and public involvement (PPI) informs the identification, prioritisation, design, and execution of research. Our Lay Board members sit within our team and support research by informing the development of the team and its members; reviewing adapting research methods and tools such as questionnaires; and informing and contributing to the development of new research

In the video above, Mr. Maurice Hoffman (Lay member of NIHR DEC London) describes why he likes working as a patient representative, and what his experience has been in working with DEC London. Maurice also provides advice for those who would like to get involved.”

Patient and Public Engagement (PPE)

Patient and public engagement (PPE) is the dissemination or circulation of research outputs to raise public awareness and understanding of research being carried out.

Our team will have annual review meetings that are open to PPI/E and P networks (including lay members) as well as research, clinical and industry networks. During these meetings, work informed by PPI/E and P is presented by lay members of the team. This enables discussions to be held regarding modes of improvement and resources required to enable this. Short, medium and long term plans are informed by this annual meeting.

Please use the following link to find out more about events at DEC London: Upcoming events.

Patient and Public Participation (PPP)

Much of the research carried out in all three themes of DEC London involves a form of participation. This can be in the form of completing surveys, being interviewed, and being a healthy or sick volunteer. Members of the public have participated in three workshops in the use of sequential simulation (SqS) with the aim of engaging them with volatile organic compounds (VOC) research within Imperial College London’s Department of Surgery and Cancer and DEC London.

PPI Documents and Resources

NIHR DEC Lonond Patient and Public Engagement and Involvement: Policy Document

NIHR DEC London Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement: Strategy Document