Research laboratory

How we can help

In the 3 years since our inception, we have helped more than 100 organisations – including small startups, large multinationals and charities – to develop and improve their tests and devices.

Our clinical partners provide us with unrivalled access to world leading hospitals, and extensive clinical networks. This makes us uniquely positioned to conduct research into the feasibility and effectiveness of new diagnostics.

We have a unique methodology that provides a rapid but comprehensive assessment of new diagnostics. Our research packages are customised according to the needs and resources of our clients.

We support innovators at all stages of the product development pathway. We help those who have an idea or a concept to mitigate risks and enable the development of initial device mock-ups; we support those who have working prototypes in the iterative process of design-evaluation-redesign.

We provide a variety of funding options to enable diagnostics developers to work with us. We can support joint grant applications, direct payments, and academic collaborations.

Tools & Information

We have developed – or supported the development of – several tools that diagnostics developers might find useful.

Point-Of-Care Key Evidence Tool (POCKET). Helps diagnostics developers understand the different types of evidence required to validate tests for use within the NHS. A paper version of the tool can be downloaded here – however an online version will be available soon.

Innovation stages tool. By answering a series of questions, you will learn about where you are in the product development pathway. You will also gain an insight into issues you might have to address, as well as ideas about how you can do this. The tool also provides information regarding potential sources of funding. View innovation stages tool.

Research Navigator. Helps innovators to navigate their way around the research sector in North West London. Also provides information regarding resources that may be accessed to support product development in the NHS context. View Research Navigator.

Imperial CrowdSolve. This tool, which is currently being piloted, provides a new way for organisations to gain access to the capability of the Imperial College research community. In response to problems submitted via the tool, relevant expertise and interest is crowdsourced from the research community to help address the issues and to find partners to develop projects. View Imperial CrowdSolve.